SKIN CARE SERIES # 1 7/21/2015

Skin Care Series 1

Let’s first and foremost let’s establish one thing.
Time you will need to have to put aside for yourself in the morning and in the evening for yourself
to incorporate your skin care regime.
This regimen will include your facial skin, throat and chest and throats well as your hands
shoulders,knees and feet.
This is other than your daily and nightly bathing ritual.

Please allow yourself this 45 mins. To personalize and get used to your newly system, without
skipping anything. You might need to set some time to even wake up a little earlier to get th system down. Remember only you will reap its benefits.
You’ll need;
1. Eye Make-up Remover
2. Facial Cleansing Cloths
3. Facial cleanser for your Skin Type
4. 100% pure stamped cotton pads
5. Eye Cream
6. Eye- Gel
7. Sunscreen UVA-UVB SPF 15 or higher for the Face
8. Lip Conditioner
9. Facial Treatment Serum
10 Night Cream
11. Facial Masque for your skin type
6. Throat & Décolleté Cream
12. Hand & Foot Cream

1. Cleanse
2. Eye Gel
3. S pot Treatment
4. Sunscreen
5. Hand Cream
6. Foot Cream

1. Remove Eye Make-up 9. Hand Cream
2. Remove Facial Make-up Using Facial cloths
3. Cleanse Skin
4. Serum
5. Eye Cream
6. Face Cream
7. Throat Cream
8. Foot Cream


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