What is it?

Could it mean that when a person does something without a conscience, to purposely annoy or hurt someone ?

Think about this for a second……..

Now , or Could it be that oneself can be  unaware of its surroundings to a point that all around it have no matter to itself?


Should I have worded  this title Thoughtlessness…….

Would it make more sense to you my reader?

Whatever  you decide is you business .  I feel it my  hope to elaborate  to you on what I feel to share what I feel is thoughtless.

And so I’ll begin….

Thoughtless  is not of course a person, place or thing obviously that’s for certain.  It’s a emotion? Maybe….a condition…okay

perhaps, a way of thinking…well your getting closer.  Thoughtless is  a way of  (nothingness) .

You see it’s like daydreaming.  We all have done it at some point in our lives and if you deny it then …well…. I beg to defer that

one with you.  Have you ever remembered when you got caught in a daydream what you were daydreaming about?

I have never been able to recall any of mine.  I have often wondered about this Thoughtless aka Nothingness, it pretty strange

but yet not so much.

Gurus, all over the world try to teach this to people how to go into nothingness , How be Transend into another State of Being.

How to meditate.  Well, I personally don’t think its all that much of a difficult thing to do.  You hear all this things such as

having a clean special space to sit in, it has to be dimly lit or well lit and smell a certain way and a certain color and have

running water or  a certain seating device etc, etc…. then you will need incense and  candles and soft music. Ai yai yai!


Why it’s not that all difficult!

Trust  & Believe me all you need is , You ready for this?

You will need;

A Clear Consceince, Speak the Truth even if it hurts, Be True to yourself and everything else will fall into place!

Doesn’t cost you a  Penny!!

If you can do this all by your lonely, then you have got this!

You will then find that your life will be happier, you will daydream more and enjoy all that is around you.

Be  Simple, Be Free,Be Healthy, Breathe, & Love

(I love you but…God loves you so much more)


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