Rainbow Falls

I make it a habit to visit Rainbow Falls on a yearly basis to take pictures, to capture the Falls as it ages gracefully as I do with time, of course its way elder than I, but I’ll go from my youth  of age as it is and go from there.

Directions to this beautiful falls which I might add is centrally located right here in my lovely hometown of Hilo is, You should be taking Hwy 19 , take Waianuenue Ave. go west for about 1.25 miles, and 1/4 mile past the junction with Hwy 200 take a  right turn at Rainbow Falls Drive and drive another 1/4 mile to the spacious paved parking lot.

It is believed that this falls moves at least 275 million cubic meters ( gallons) of water  per year.  I have been very fortunate to have viewed the beautiful rainbow that it is famed for s well which is located below the falls alcove at times and sometimes in front where the water falls hits the pond below the falls as well.

It is believed that King Kammehameha’s father’s bones are buried in the alcove as well as Hina , Maui’s mother once lived there in the alcove as well There are many stories or legends that speak about the Rainbow Falls. Some stories are here say and some have been folklore passed down from generation to generation by Hawaiian Culture.  All of them are awesome and intriguing!


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