11210459_829204877134827_887365693836713305_nFamily & Why I Feel It’s So Important To Love Each Other……

Tonight, I was so very blessed to have been invited to celebrate just one of my first cousins only sons graduation party.

He is my mothers only brothers youngest son.  He has been raised by both strong loving parents, very supportive in every way possible and has a wife and  his family now , has  also too  has done a fine way doing the same thing.  They are strong and God fearing people.

I entered the event late tonight, fully knowing that perhaps most of their invited guests may have left and perhaps I may have missed an opportunity to have not seen some family members that I had not seen in perhaps years gone by.  But just the same I know deep in my heart that i will meet them some day some place in Hilo my home town  , after all it’s such a small town .

I was greeted by my cousins and quickly grabbed my plate of delicious Hawaiian food made with lots of love and care from so of the best cooks in town and family friends and relatives of friends .

As I glanced accross the tables in front of me , I recognized my brothers and theirs wives and my brother in law. It was nice to see them there. I am so happy that they went my daughter was there too however I did not realize it till she was looking at me and then I seen her, yup I felt real stupid by then.

I looked further down the luau table and noticed all my other cousins and Aunties and Uncles. Oh my goodness,….I have tears in my eyes as I type this  right now.

I know that it’s been years and we are all get older.  I know this, everyone knows that youth is inevitable.  Whether it’s your family or not!  But I  guess…..I just have a difficult time with its acceptance.,  Most people do I suppose.

I seen my Aunties , I will name them here because they have my respect all of them do whether they are through marriage or just my cousins or in-laws I have nothing but respect for everyone.  My Aunty Carol, Aunty Addie,, brought my heart to the floor, I seen them tonight , and their sweet smiles and hugs and kisses brought me back  through so many memories I can’t begin to unwind, they are nothing but joyful memories.  They also reminded me of so many other  family parties that I attended when I was a kid and teen , when my parents were alive and everyone else was alive as well.

Our Matriarch of the family Emelia Miday the glue that held us all together …I felt her there tonight!

A Hui Hou Ohana!

Until We Meet




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