Cleaning it Up !

If …You are a Woman and one that is aware that her beauty needs no cosmetics colors  or enhancements to make her who she is today , and  what I mean by that is that ” you are most comfortable  with  leaving your home without anything on your skin not even a sunscreen or lip conditioner….Then this blog post  might not be something you might want to be reading right  about now.


Please do stay and read on and enjoy what I have to say about  getting cleaned up!

I have been a Licensed  Cinical Aesthetician for over 30 years.  I can say that I have enjoyed every aspect of the field that I have come to know as a professional and  respect all of my fellow members in the field of Aesthetics.

This being said Skincare and Corrective Skincare has been my utmost concern become any type of color cosmetics are concerned.  My  clients through the many years have come to know this and have through word of mouth spread their trust in me through this simply concept, ” She’s really the Best there is in Hawaii and I’ve been all over the State and no one can top her yet!, i trust her with my kids if I had any”.

Wow,  Now if that doesn’t say something for my reputation I don’t know what to say.  I am a firm believer in good  skin care must always come before color cosmetic application.  Okay! enough about that.

Moving forward…..

I plan  on doing some type of mini series here on my blog about skin care for starters ie; a class  so to speak on this topic.  Be sure to check in once a week to see what I’m doing and maybe you will learn something or two about how to obtain beauty from the inside out without being overwhelmed.

This series will begin on July 20, which will be on a Monday.  I hope you will feel free to join in and comment  and ask questions should you have any and I will get back to you.

This will be fun and a learning experience you will learn something new I hope…and I will  make some new friends too! It’ll be a win /win situation!

Should you have any questions before July 20th please leave me a comment and I will reply to you omitting your name of course , I think all questions and replies should be held confidential.




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