Keeping Your Mind Clear &Your Soul Free To Be Who You Need to Be!

Keeping Your Mind Clear & Your Soul Free to be Who You Need to Be!

Ladies…..Careful in your speech, Controlled in your body, Aware of the workings of your mind, Always be patient under insults, and never let them see that you get disturbed by what they say… Thus this… I tell you my dolls… is your path of great progress that makes you a unique goddess that you are!

This picture speaks volumes to me and what I mean by this is that, The world contains so many kinds of people and so many different levels of morality and wisdoms. We must have some kind of guidelines which can fit all situations. But being very careful about what we say while we control our urges of out body is a very good basic guideline for all of the many situations that we as moms, sisters , parents and bosses face on a daily basis in everyday situations.

Control; of our bodies means that we know when to act and when not to act and that we know very well how it is to behave within moderation. If we see something or know of something that contradicts our understanding of life, then we should be able to see it and get to understand what we are facing then decipher what it is that it is asking of us and take it for what it is should it need our attention or another type of wisdom. Just a little splurb of my monkey mind speaking to you. Blessings your way my lovelies many blessings.


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